Chain wax or chain oil – which is the better choice?

Optimize wachs 2023 foto lifecyclemedia. De 23 | lifecycle magazine

If you’ve landed here, then you’ve probably stumbled across the topic of chain wax for your bike drive. And now you’re asking yourself: Which is actually better – chain oil or chain wax? In this blog article, we get to the bottom of this question. With the information in this article, you can then decide for yourself whether chain oil or chain wax is the better alternative for you.

Ass-Savers Win Wing – the ingeniously simple gravel splash guard gets an update

Ass savers win wing | lifecycle magazine

Some products are so simple that you ask yourself: Why didn’t someone think of this 20 years ago? The Win Wings from Ass-Savers are one such product. They are for anyone who doesn’t fancy a full pack of mudguards but still wants to have a dry backside when it’s raining cats and dogs outside. Last year, Ass Savers introduced the ingeniously simple (gravel) splash guard. Now there is an update.

Gravel shoe from SIDI: The MTB Dust in test

Gravel schuh von sidi

SIDI stands for top quality and has earned a good reputation especially in the road and MTB sector. We wanted to know if the MTB Dust is a good gravel shoe from Sidi. And we wanted to know: How sustainable is the Italian shoe specialist?

Rocky Mountain Solo 2023 Review

Rocky mountain solo 2023 test

“Old” mountain bikers know Rocky Mountain. The Canadian brand is a true mountain bike pioneer and known for absolute high-end bikes. Rocky has always been on the “harder” side of MTB sport: when we think of Rocky Mountain, we immediately have images of daredevil jumps and breathtaking North Shore trails in the Canadian forests in our minds. So by Rocky standards, the Gravel Bike itself is a lamblike ride, isn’t it?

Mechanical disc brake or hydraulic disc brake? TRP Spire C in the test

Velocio 12 | lifecycle magazine

Can a mechanical disc brake ever be an equal alternative to a hydraulic braking system? This was the question I asked myself – more forced than voluntary. This was due to the supply problems in the bicycle world, which did not stop at individual accessories in the trade. In other words: the new brake system that I actually wanted to build on my “bike for life” was simply not available. After a long search, I decided to expand my “search radius” to mechanical systems… You can find out which brake it was and how satisfied I am with it in this article.

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