Merida Silex 2024 review: gentle model update or everything new?

Martin donat silex7000 0002 | lifecycle magazine

In our Merida Silex 2024 review, we take a close look at the recently presented new edition of the gravel classic from Taiwan. What’s new compared to its predecessor? What features has it adopted? From an after-work ride to a bikepacking trip with tent & co: Our Merida Silex 7000 had to prove itself under all kinds of conditions…

Basic Monster gravel bike test: too much of a good thing or just right?

Basic schnee 21 | lifecycle magazine

The frame of the “Monster” is actually a classic mountain bike cross-country hardtail frame made of carbon. With typical gravel components, however, Basic Bikes from Berlin has “tinkered” a proper gravel bike. Will this concept work? In our Basic Monster gravel bike test, we get to the bottom of this question!

Cargobike tires from Maxxis – the MetroLoads Pro test

Maxxis urban shooting 2023 lifecyclemedia. De 74 | lifecycle magazine

Maxxis has positioned itself well in the gravel sector with new tires such as the “Rambler” and the “Reaver”. The MetroLoads Pro was specially developed for use on cargo bikes – what it has to offer sounds excellent, at least on paper. That’s why we strapped a set of new tires to our cargo bike and took a look for ourselves. Here is the result of our Maxxis MetroLoads Pro test.

Maxxis Rambler vs Maxxis Reaver test – which tire is Martin’s 1st choice?

Maxxis rambler vs. Maxxis reaver test

Maxxis is the house brand of one of the world’s largest tire manufacturers from Taiwan. Maxxis is totally well-known in the mountain bike sector and there are tire models that have a kind of cult status. The Maxxis MTB tire “Minion”, for example, has been around for more than 20 years – it is one of THE tires in downhill mountain biking. What you can’t deny Maxxis is a lot of experience in tire construction. And that’s why I was very excited to be able to take a close look at two gravel tires from the Taiwanese company: Here is my Maxxis Rambler vs. Maxxis Reaver test.

Tern NBD test: How good is the super compact & lightweight urban e-bike in everyday use?

Tern nbd–©lifecyclemedia 15 | lifecycle magazine

In our Tern NBD test, we want to find out how the compact urban e-bike performs in everyday use. Especially for this test, we organized a riding safety workshop for older people or “newcomers”, where participants could try out four Tern NBD test bikes for a month. This gave us authentic feedback – exactly from the target group that the new Tern compact bike with 20-inch wheels is aimed at…

Chain wax or chain oil – which is the better choice?

Optimize wachs 2023 foto lifecyclemedia. De 23 | lifecycle magazine

If you’ve landed here, then you’ve probably stumbled across the topic of chain wax for your bike drive. And now you’re asking yourself: Which is actually better – chain oil or chain wax? In this blog article, we get to the bottom of this question. With the information in this article, you can then decide for yourself whether chain oil or chain wax is the better alternative for you.

Ass-Savers Win Wing – the ingeniously simple gravel splash guard gets an update

Ass savers win wing | lifecycle magazine

Some products are so simple that you ask yourself: Why didn’t someone think of this 20 years ago? The Win Wings from Ass-Savers are one such product. They are for anyone who doesn’t fancy a full pack of mudguards but still wants to have a dry backside when it’s raining cats and dogs outside. Last year, Ass Savers introduced the ingeniously simple (gravel) splash guard. Now there is an update.

Gravel shoe from SIDI: The MTB Dust in test

Gravel schuh von sidi

SIDI stands for top quality and has earned a good reputation especially in the road and MTB sector. We wanted to know if the MTB Dust is a good gravel shoe from Sidi. And we wanted to know: How sustainable is the Italian shoe specialist?

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