lifeCYCLE Magazin FAQ

You have a question for us? Then take a look here first to see if there might not already be a suitable answer. If we can’t help you here, we would of course be happy to receive a message from you. You can find out how to contact us on our contact page.

When will my completed lifeCYCLE subscription be sent?

Your subscription always starts with the next issue that comes out. Unfortunately, backdated lifeCYCLE subscriptions, where the mailing starts with an old issue, are not possible.

What are the shipping costs to other European countries?

The shipping of a lifeCYCLE magazine costs 3,70 Euro. Two magazines cost 7.40 euros. For more than two magazines or merchandise items, the shipping costs are 8.89 euros.

Wann beginnt mein Geschenkabonnement?

In general, the gift subscription also starts with the next issue of lifeCYCLE. However, here you also have the option of specifying a magazine of your choice in the comments field, with which your gift subscription should begin. The lifeCYCLE gift subscription always consists of four magazines and ends automatically afterwards.

Do I have a right of return for lifeCYCLE products?

Our lifeCYCLE magazines are excluded from exchange. For all merchandise items, the buyer bears the cost of return shipping to us. The purchase amount will be refunded immediately after receipt of the goods via the original payment method.

When will the next lifeCYCLE Magazine be published?

Our magazine is published quarterly, usually in March, June, September and December. In rare cases (such as a pandemic) we reserve the right to deviate from this. If you want to stay up to date, subscribe to our newsletter.

I bought a digital edition. How do I get my PDF now?

The download link will be displayed immediately after purchase. If you have overlooked this, you will also find it in the e-mail with the order confirmation. If you deleted this email or didn’t receive it at all (for example, because it ended up in your spam folder), there is a third way to get your download: Log in to your account on our site. You will then be taken to an overview where you can view your orders and downloads, among other things. Here you will also find a download button that will take you to your PDF. Note that the download link expires seven days after your order.

Are you really as sustainable as you always pretend?

Nobody is perfect! Not even us. But we are trying hard. Leaving the car behind and taking the bike instead is a start. You can read more about what we mean by the big word “sustainability” here.

Somehow your website doesn’t work for me….

It is always possible that our website does not work properly for you for whatever reason. In this case, we recommend that you don’t swear around. Instead, contact us instead, describe the problem and we are sure that we will find a solution. If the contact form does not work (this has also been reported), please write to

Why can’t I find lifeCYCLE Magazine in any newsagents?

This is a very conscious decision on our part. Because, in order to end up in the usual magazine shops, we would have to print vast numbers of magazines. Just to be present everywhere for the time being. In addition, we would need a distribution partner – another effort, combined with costs.
But it’s not just the costs: because so many magazines have to be printed for nationwide distribution, usually more than 80 per cent of these magazines end up in the paper waste because they are simply not sold. In addition, magazines are published quarterly and are usually discontinued after one month in regular stores.
In short: If we wanted to sell the lifeCYCLE Magazine through the retail trade, we would have to print many more magazines. Together with distribution, this means high costs that we would have to refinance with many more advertisements. Moreover, this would mean high remission rates and thus huge amounts of paper waste.
We have decided that we will only sell our magazine directly via our online shop or by subscription. We print exactly the quantity that we can actually sell and remain largely financially independent. Each issue remains in the shop until it is sold out. We then offer a digital version in the form of a PDF.

Lately, everything here is full of advertising banners. What the hell are you doing?

When we founded lifeCYCLE Magazine in 2017, we didn’t know where the journey would take us. It was never our primary goal to make a lot of money with it. But it was not our aim to pay for it. Since the unexpected financial blessing has so far failed to appear, we have decided to use possibilities to at least recoup running costs – for example, for hosting the website – without making ourselves dependent on it. Advertising banners on the website are one such possibility. We have no obligation to anyone and hopefully they don’t annoy you too much. If an ad appears that doesn’t necessarily correspond to our principles (such as ads for cars or for air travel), look at it this way: at least the stupid airline or the evil car manufacturer brings in some money this way. Maybe that’s still better than not being able to do this at all …

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