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Cadence Prints: Your most beautiful bike tours as an art print for the wall

If your life is all about cycling, then you probably have discarded jerseys, old bike parts and photos of your most memorable bike rides hanging on your wall. Or: An print from Cadence Prints. Find out what it is and why it makes the perfect gift for cyclists in this article.

The perfect gift for cyclists or individual jewelry for your own four walls

White, bare walls await you in very few apartments. Usually, these are colorful according to the personal taste of the people living in them. Some people hang up their “trophies”, others do handicrafts and often just use meaningless decorations – the main thing is that their own four walls exude a little coziness and individuality. We cyclists have our very own taste. And that’s exactly what this article is about: a wall decoration that makes a great gift for cyclists.

If you don’t just hang up anything, but consciously decorate your home, you might be interested in art. This has many facets. From photographs to painted pictures and abstract sculptures, pretty much anything is possible. But most art forms have one thing in common: something prompted the artist to create the work in exactly the same way.

Strava Art: art for cyclists

This also applies to a very special kind of art: Strava Art. As a cyclist, you probably know them, don’t you? If not, here’s a brief explanation: Strava Art is created by recording your bike rides on the tracking platform called Strava. There you can view your cycling tours – which usually has little to do with art, but rather reminds you of beautiful moments or wonderful exertions.

A great gift for cyclists. But what is in this role?
A great gift for cyclists. But what is in this role?

Strava Art is created when you consciously choose your routes in order to “draw” something with the help of the waypoints on your route. The map becomes your canvas and the streets your pen. They are the only thing that sets limits to your imagination. Just give it a try: “Draw” a heart with your bike tour. Or a building. Or an animal. A little tip: This is easier in a city with lots of roads than in the countryside. Maybe you’ll enjoy it and it will motivate you to cycle. The result is a digital map with your own personal drawing. The Strava online platform is your gallery.

Cadence Prints: The somewhat different Strava Art expression and the perfect gift for cyclists

But back to the art on your walls. Walls are often decorated with memories of very special moments. A special family celebration, for example, or last summer’s vacation. If everything in your life revolves around cycling anyway, then you probably have discarded jerseys, old bike parts and photos of your most crazy bike rides hanging on your wall. We have found something that gives the whole thing an artistic touch and at the same time provides plenty of material for reminiscing. We’re talking about high-quality printouts of your best (Strava) tours.

The somewhat different strava art expression: cadence prints turn your most beautiful bike rides into a highlight in your home.
The somewhat different Strava Art expression: With Cadence Prints, your most beautiful bike rides become a highlight in your home.
With space for your own captions, your strava art expression gets a personal touch.
With space for your own captions, your printouts get a personal touch.
Also part of the memory: the dates of your bike tour.
Also part of the memory: the dates of your bike tour.

This is exactly what Cadence Prints specializes in. The idea is relatively simple: you pick out one of your best bike trips and print it out in large format. Different looks and your own texts ensure the personal style of your very own Strava Art. Your “painting” is unique and offers plenty of material for stories. This turns a rather abstract map view into an evening-long program. We thought this was a great idea and tried it out straight away!

Cadence Prints: A beautiful reminder of a very special bike tour

We have simply uploaded a GPX file of our very first lifeCYCLE business trip: The more than 1,150-kilometer ride to Rondo Cycles in Gdansk, Poland. You can also connect directly to Strava and then select a tour directly on the Candence website. You can even click on several tours to create a stage trip or a kind of “heat map”. By entering a time period, you can narrow down your search and find the tour you want relatively quickly. In short: it’s really easy to achieve a beautiful result.

After a few color settings and text adjustments, our artwork was complete and was to go to print in 50 x 70 cm. A few days after ordering, the post rang with a sturdy cardboard roll for us. Since then, our “Bring me Back Home” premiere has adorned the previously white office wall and invites our guests to tell us about an unforgettable bike trip.

Cadence Prints – Our bottom line

A great thing without a lot of frills and a beautiful wall decoration for your own home or as a gift for all bike nerds! Depending on the size, such a print costs between 24 and 49 dollars and is very easy to order online:

If you enter the code LIFECYCLE10 at checkout, you will receive a 10% discount on your Cadence Print!

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