2 new Bontrager Gravel tires – All info on the Girona and Betasso models

Trek is expanding its tire portfolio with its Bontrager brand and is introducing new gravel tires, among other things. An exciting alternative to the top dogs in the tire sector?

To underline a clear connection to the sport, all new tires bear the name of an iconic cycling destination. Perhaps this will serve as inspiration? Girona and Betasso are the names of the two new gravel tires – that sounds good!

The new Bontrager Gravel tire models

The Girona is a light and good rolling gravel tire. It was developed for efficiency at high speeds and for rather hard or mixed soils. The Betasso, on the other hand, has a rather aggressive profile. It should provide perfect grip and durability in mixed and especially loose conditions.

Two models – the differences

A lot of thought went into the design of the new Bontrager Gravel tires. The tires should roll fast, but at the same time be puncture-proof and offer optimum grip. This resulted in two basic model variants: The “GR” are lighter and also have excellent rolling characteristics with the Focus. The carcass is protected from punctures all round by a special nylon fabric. “GX” is even more robust. In addition to the nylon protective layer, there is also extra puncture protection under the tread. This means that Bontrager gravel tires with the “GX” suffix are made for you if you tend to ride on tougher terrain.

There are also differences in terms of tread pattern and rubber compound. The “Gravel Dual Compound” is equipped with a fast central tread. Slightly coarser studs on the outside ensure a good grip. This principle can be found on the “Girona Pro GR”, “Girona RSL GR” and “Betasso RSL GX” tire models. Speaking of which, “Pro” and “RSL”: these abbreviations stand for the structure of the carcass. “RSL” characterizes the very supple and higher quality carcass with very fine 220 tpi fabric. The “Pro” version has a 60 tpi fabric and is 20 dollars cheaper.

Further information and prices

The new Bontrager Gravel tire “Girona” completely replaces the old Bontrager GR1 model series or is a complete further development. The tires are tubeless ready and available in 700C with 35, 38 or 42 mm width. The “Betasso” is the successor to the Bontrager GR2 tire. The Betasso models are also tubeless ready. As they are intended for more off-road use, you can get them in 42, 45 or 50 mm width – also in 700C.

The prices for Germany are 49.90 euros for the Pro models and 69.99 euros for the tires with RSL carcass. Tip for smart savers: At the moment (as of April 19, 2024), the old GR models are on sale for significantly less.

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