New: Cane Creek Gravel suspension fork “Invert” – all facts and info

Cane Creek presents an exciting new product: the first upside-down gravel suspension fork with 30 or 40 mm travel!

New from the cult brand from the USA: Cane Creek Gravel suspension fork

Cane Creek worked intensively on the development of the “Invert” and defined four key criteria. According to the manufacturer, the wish list for the optimum gravel fork was as follows:

Cane Creek is a cult brand from the USA. Cane Creek is primarily known for its high-quality suspension components such as shock absorbers and suspension forks. However, they also offer a wide range of other products, including headsets, brakes and accessories. The latest product goes by the name of “Invert”. Invert is the first gravel suspension fork from the US manufacturer. And it’s really something special!

  • The fork should provide a smooth and controlled ride that boosts your confidence.
  • It should be light and not be a burden.
  • The design should integrate seamlessly into the silhouette of your drop-bar bike.
  • Operation and set-up should be simple and not unnecessarily complex.

The result was the Invert. According to the manufacturer, it fulfils these criteria and offers a number of other advantages. The most striking feature: In contrast to some other gravel suspension forks (like this one), this is an upside-down suspension fork with 30 or 40 mm travel. This should enable a more efficient and relaxed ride and increase your safety and confidence on gravel roads. Incidentally, it is not the first upside-down gravel suspension fork. The German manufacturer Intend already has an exciting alternative in its programme with the “Samurai”.

The Invert will be available in two models: Invert SL and Invert CS. The CS has a climb switch (a kind of lockout lever) and slightly more travel (40 mm). The SL, on the other hand, is a lighter and more minimalist version with 30 mm travel. Both models are designed to offer top performance and flexibility for different preferences and riding styles.

The decision in favour of the upside-down design was an important step for the development team in order to fulfil the four key design criteria. This design reduces weight and improves visual integration. It also offers technical advantages, provides improved traction and simplifies maintenance.

The Invert is designed to be easy to use and requires only minimal adjustments. One shock pump is sufficient to adjust the air pressure. Complicated settings were deliberately avoided in order to focus on a smooth riding experience.

Cane Creek Invert – Facts

  • Weight: 990 g (SL)/1113 g (CS)
  • Suspension travel: 30 mm (SL), 40 mm (CS)
  • Material: carbon tubes, aluminium shaft and upper tubes
  • Tyre clearance: 700C x 50 mm
  • Brake mount: 160 mm flat mount, 180 mm with adapter
  • Axle: 12 mm x 100 mm thru axle
  • Steerer tube: 1 1/8 to 1.5″
  • Adjustment options: Air suspension, “Climb Switch” (CS)

The Invert will be available from summer 2024 and can be purchased from authorised dealers. Prices in the USA are USD 1099.99 for the SL model and USD 1199.99 for the CS model. In Germany, prices are expected to be announced soon by the German distributor.

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