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Cargobike tires from Maxxis – the MetroLoads Pro test

Maxxis has positioned itself well in the gravel sector with new tires such as the "Rambler" and the "Reaver". The MetroLoads Pro was specially developed for use on cargo bikes - what it has to offer sounds excellent, at least on paper. That's why we strapped a set of new tires to our cargo bike and took a look for ourselves. Here is the result of our Maxxis MetroLoads Pro test.

Maxxis MetroLoads Pro – Facts

Let’s start with the sizes on offer – after all, the tire has to fit the bike. The MetroLoads Pro is therefore aimed at riders of classic cargo bikes with a long John design. In other words, it is available in 26-inch (for the rear) and 20-inch (for the front). You can choose from two different widths. If you like comfort and want to play it safe, the 2.4-inch wide version is the right choice. If you are a sporty rider who likes to save a few grams, the 2.15 tire is probably the right one for you.

From the construction (wire carcass with 2×60 tpi) to the rubber compound to the price (41.90 euros), the models do not differ from each other. At 1,010 grams (front) and 1,145 grams (rear), the narrow version is significantly lighter than the 2.4 tire (1,350 grams/1,555 grams). This also makes it a good choice for daring cargo bike riders who venture out on the trails without an electric motor.

We fitted our maxxis metroloads pro test tires to this bergamont long-john and tested them intensively over several months in everyday cargo bike use.
We fitted our Maxxis MetroLoads Pro test tires to this Bergamont Long-John and tested them intensively over several months in everyday cargo bike use.

Maxxis MetroLoads Pro – Technologies

Maxxis Cargobike tires are clearly tailored to their area of application. Various Maxxis technologies are used for this purpose, which we will briefly discuss here.

Our Maxxis MetroLoads Pro Test tire is an all-weather tire. This makes sense, because you want to ride your cargo bike all year round and preferably not have to change from summer to winter tires (or vice versa). Whether it’s dry, damp or cold – the Maxxis cargo bike tire promises optimum performance in all conditions. And that for a long time, even with intensive use. This is ensured by the “Highmileage Compound”, a particularly durable rubber compound. Maxxis claims that the tire will easily last 10,000 kilometers. You can go shopping a few times!

“Maxxprotect” is the name of the special puncture protection from Maxxis. Rubber pads 3 mm thick are placed under the running surface for this purpose. They ensure that typical urban “hazards” do not cause the tires to run out of air. The Maxxis MetroLoads Pro is also legally certified for official use on e-bikes. So you are also on the safe side here.

Thanks to its large volume and robust construction, our metroloads pro test tire cuts a fine figure even in the rugged old town!
Thanks to its large volume and robust construction, our MetroLoads Pro Test tire cuts a fine figure even in the rugged old town!

Maxxis MetroLoads Pro Test

Let’s move on to our experiences with the new cargo tire from Maxxis. We mounted the tire on our Bergamont E-Cargoville LJ70 – it’s a proper “hummer” in long john design with a powerful Bosch e-motor. The bike is used regularly in everyday life and not only transports our magazines to the post office, but also various large purchases or the kids.

Before we start, the new tires have to be mounted on the rim rings. That’s not a problem at all. Everything “slides on” well and makes a solid impression afterwards. By the way, we drive the 2.4 tires, which are quite bulky and add noticeable weight to the scales. It doesn’t really matter when riding, as the Bergamont has an electric motor. The large contact surface and large volume ensure a high level of comfort and a feeling of safety. This is particularly noticeable when cornering: We never have the feeling that we are pushing the tire to its limits – even at high speeds. Nevertheless, the bike rolls well and we make good progress.

Our maxxis cargobike tire has now covered around 1,000 kilometers and hasn't caused any problems so far...
Our Maxxis cargobike tire has now covered around 1,000 kilometers and hasn’t caused any problems so far…

We have been riding the tire since the summer of 2023 – so we have “tested” the transition to autumn and winter. Perfect for putting the all-weather suitability of Maxxis tires to the test. Our impression: Even in the cold and wet, we never have the feeling that we are riding less safely – grip is there. Another top feature in the dark season: the Maxxis tire has an all-round reflective strip. This ensures that we are much more visible than with the previous all-black tires.

In view of the 10,000 kilometer mileage that Maxxis promises, it is certainly not possible to speak of a “long-term test” after 1,000 kilometers ridden in the meantime. Nevertheless, that’s something. And since we haven’t had any problems so far, we are confident that it will stay that way. The tire seems to be extremely puncture-proof and can easily cope with heavy loads (like two kids who are no longer really small). It is comfortable, dimensionally stable and offers excellent grip.

Maxxis MetroLoads Pro – the bottom line

The Maxxis MetroLaods Pro offers a lot of tire at a fair price. Thanks to its 4-season rubber compound, extra puncture protection and robust construction, it is an all-round carefree tire for the whole year. The robust construction means that the 2.4-inch model in particular is relatively heavy, which is why we recommend Maxxis cargo bike tires for use on e-bikes in particular. For sportier riders, the significantly lighter 2.1 inch wide tire is a good choice.

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