Ten years of Panaracer Gravelking: anniversary news

Just in time for the 10th anniversary of its gravel tire Gravelking, Panaracer presents some news as well as a new Gravelking family member...

Panaracer Gravelking – Tires & company with tradition

Panaracer is not necessarily one of the top dogs on German roads and gravel roads – even though they have an excellent reputation with their Panaracer Gravelking. After all, the Japanese manufacturer has been around for more than 70 years! And the company’s philosophy also suggests that it is worth taking a closer look at Panaracer tires: Panaracer is deeply rooted in a love of cycling. The company always strives to meet the needs and requirements of cyclists of all disciplines – be it on the road, off-road or on the race course. The focus is clearly on quality, performance and innovation.

Apparently, the Japanese also have a nose for trends. Ten years ago, when many people didn’t even know what gravel biking was, Panaracer presented its Panaracer presented its “Gravelking” tire model. A decade later, the tire is celebrating its anniversary and its newest family member: the Gravelking X1.

Panaracer gravelking x1 skinwall
The models with the suffix “R” come in a chic skinwall look.

Panaracer Gravelking – all news on the 10th anniversary

Actually, it is not correct to speak of “the” gravelking. Today, the name Gravelking at Panaracer stands for the entire range of gravel tires. The Panaracer gravel tire range is just as broad as gravel biking itself. With its non-profiled tread, the classic Gravelking is ideally designed for fast progress on asphalt and light terrain. The Gravelking SS is slightly more off-road-oriented, which is further emphasized by the SK and EXT models.

The new Panaracer Gravelking XS is now the Japanese company’s new flagship model. It is equipped with a more aggressive tread pattern, but should still offer excellent rolling characteristics on hard ground or asphalt. The focus is on racing, i.e. for everything that requires maximum performance. According to Panaracer, the Gravelking X1 runs almost as smoothly as a slick tire despite its coarse tread. This opens up an unprecedented range of applications.

Panaracer gravelking x1
The new X1 profile is said to offer the best grip AND excellent rolling characteristics.

The rest of the Panaracer Gravelking family also received some updates. The structure of all tires and their tubeless capability have been improved. The Slick, Semi-Slick, SK and X1 tread variants come in an “R” version, thus extending the range even further. “R” models run even more smoothly thanks to the use of the newly developed TuffTex-R insole. They are slightly lighter, have better materials and come in an attractive skinwall look.

The different Gravelking models are available in a variety of widths, diameters and also in extra puncture-proof PLUS versions. Hardly any other manufacturer offers more choice than Panaracer. We also like the focus on quality and the fact that Panaracer manufactures its own tires: All gravelking tires are built in the high-tech country of Japan in its own factory. The new tires also come in cardboard boxes made from recycled material. The new Gravelking models will arrive in German stores around mid-April 2024.

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