Ass-Savers Win Wing – the ingeniously simple gravel splash guard gets an update

Some products are so simple that you ask yourself: Why didn't someone think of this 20 years ago? The Win Wings from Ass-Savers are one such product. They are for anyone who doesn't fancy a full pack of mudguards but still wants to have a dry backside when it's raining cats and dogs outside. Last year, Ass Savers introduced the ingeniously simple (gravel) splash guard. Now there is an update.

How does the Ass-Savers Win Wing bike splash guard work?

It is due to physics that most of the spray is thrown upwards/forward by the tire when it is spinning fast. In other words, exactly where the rider’s back and bottom are, which consequently get soaking wet. Ass-Savers took a closer look at this and found that this spray area is really quite clearly defined. And they thought: why a heavy and not exactly pretty mudguard when you can have a simple, stylish and discreet one?

The result is called Win Wing. It uses the proven Ass-Savers polypropylene protection, which is attached directly to the seat stays with a feather-light plastic bar (the “Wishbone Holder”). This really only takes a few seconds and is easy to undo. When the sun comes out again, you can remove the Win Wing just as quickly – if necessary, it even disappears into your rucksack. The part weighs a mere 72 grams and protects against the secretions of wet tires up to 60 mm wide.

The new stealth edition of the ass-savers win wing is for all those who like it discreet but stylish! All in black, it looks great on any bike.
The new Stealth Edition of the Ass-Savers Win Wing is for all those who like it discreet but stylish! All in black, it looks great on any bike.

Ass-Savers Win Wing – always nice and dry?

Sounds good, doesn’t it? But does the Ass Savers Win Wing also work? We’ve been using it for almost a year now – in that time, the Ass-Savers Win Wing has made it into the top list of our favorite gadgets! And to keep it short: We stay dry at the back, almost as if we had fitted the full mudguard program. It can be that easy! Of course, the minimalist piece does not replace a super wide all-round mudguard 100 percent. But you have to keep things in perspective: The item weighs less than 100 grams – and looks good too.

It prevents the really unpleasant part of a ride in the rain: the rear end is not soaked within seconds in damp conditions. We also like the quick assembly. The Win Wing usually stays on, especially during the transition period. But if you’re going on a bikepacking adventure, it won’t fit because of the saddlebag. The Win Wing can then be removed in seconds – and just as quickly reattached after the trip.

The ass-savers win wing is now supplied with frame protection stickers.
The Ass-Savers Win Wing is now supplied with frame protection stickers.

Win Wing 2 – what’s new?

The fastening of the Win Wing has been reinforced so that you can enjoy it for even longer. We didn’t have any problems – but apparently they saw the need here. The package also comes with stickers to protect the paintwork. Some users had given feedback that the Win Wing leaves marks on the frame due to small movements in combination with mud and water. These stickers are designed to prevent this.

Last but not least, the Win Wing is now available in an all-black “Dark” edition. The small splash guard is available in two sizes: The “Road” model for tires up to 35 mm (64 grams) and the “Gravel” model for tires up to 60 mm wide (72 grams). Win Wing is available on the Ass Savers website for 26 euros.

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