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Bikepacking events & gravel events in 2024 – off to new adventures!

Nothing planned for the weekend? Then you've come to the right place: our calendar of bikepacking and gravel events 2024 is guaranteed to have the right date for you!

Our Bikepacking and Gravel Events 2024 will help you plan your weekend holiday and cycling season. We have put together a whole host of dates for this very purpose. If you love gravel and bikepacking, you’ll find the right adventures for you and your bike here, from a day-long crossing of the Alps to a coffee weekend in the Black Forest. Find out what to expect in 2024 in this article. The display of kilometres and the total ascent can help you to decide whether the gravel event suits you or not.

If you happen to be planning your own event that is missing from our list, we would be delighted if you would contact us so that we can add it here. Of course, we make no claim to completeness here. Here is our personal selection of events for 2024. It is also important to us that it is possible to get to the start without a car or aeroplane – preferably directly by bike. That’s why you won’t find any overseas dates here.

Bikepacking events 2022
Although the Hansegravel does not take place as an official event (at least as things stand at the moment), you can still ride the route on your gravel bike and it is highly recommended.

Cyclocross Events 2023/2024

Bombtrack NRW Cross Cup

Familiar and not just a great experience for absolute racing fans! The NRW Cross Cup is perfect for all those who prefer to hang out on the bike instead of on the couch, even in winter. There will be eight opportunities to do this in 2023/2024!

01.01.2024 | Pulheim 1

07.01.2024 | Pulheim 2

27.01.2024 | Bonn

Red Bull Aufsatteln

13.04.2024 | Galopprennbahn Bremen

Bikepacking Events 2024

Veneto Gravel

19./20.04.2024 | Piazzola sul Brenta | ca. 720 km | 4.300 HM

Badlands Rally 2024: komoot Woman’s Rally mit Lael Wilcox

20-27.04.2024 | Spain | 680 km | 12,300 vertical elevation gain

Italy Devide

25.04.2024 | Naples | ca. 1.250 km | 23.000 HM

Dirty Boar Bikepacker

tba | Jalhay, Belgien | ca. 250 km | 4.000 HM

Main Franken Graveller

09.05.2024 | Würzburg | ca. 480 bis 650 km | 5.700 bis 9.000 HM

Bohemian Rockys

09.-12.05.2024 | Bikepacking with the Dropbar Crew | Bad Schandau | Gravel

Tuscany Trail

24./25.05.2024 | Castagneto Carducci | ca. 470 km

Hope 1000

15.06.2024 | Romanshorn, Schweiz | ca. 1.000 km | 31.000 HM

Taunus Bikepacking

16.06.2024 | Eppstein-Niederjosbach | ca. 1.000 km | 20.000 HM

Swiss Bike Adventure

27.07.2024 | Andermatt, Schweiz | 5 Tage, ca. 1.300 km | 27.000 HM

French Divide

05.08.2024 | Frankreich | ca. 2.275 km | 32.000 HM | Unsupported Bikepacking

Veneto Trail

09.-22.06.2024 | Cittadella, Italy | ca. 450 km | 10.000 HM

We were there in 2022. Here you can find all kinds of information about the event and how to take part.

Three Peaks

06.07.2024 | Wien, Austria | ca. 2.150 km | Road

Alaska Divide

18.08.2024 | Anchorage | ca. 1.680 km | Unsupported Bikepacking

Bohemian Border Bash Camp

12.09.2024 | Böhmen (Deutschland/Tschechien) | Gravel

Iberica Traversa

22.09.2024 | Tarifa, Sapnien | 1.723 km | Unsupported Singlestage/Bikepacking

Morocco Bike Adventure

06.10.2024 | Tangier, Marokko | 2.300 km | Unsupported Bikepacking

Gravel Events 2024 & Festival

DoItNau Gravel Camp

08.04. – 11.04.2024 | “Gravel excursion” with overnight stay, pre-planned gravel routes, yoga, workshops, goodie bags and much more. | Volkenroda

DoItNau Gravelycat

21.04.2024 | Alleycat across the forest

Rennsteig 24 „We ride together against the clock”

27.04.2024 | 210 km mit 3.500 hm in one piece from Hörschel to Blankenstein

Game of Bones

Mai bis September 2024 | monthly gravel challenge from DoItNau

Gravel Earth Global Series #1

01.-05.05.2024 | „The Traka“ | Girona/Spanien

Old March Gravel

01.-04.05.2024 | Vielbaum in der Altmark | Gravel

Allgäu Gravel Ride powered by Vecnum

08.06.2024 | Isny im Allgäu | Guided bike ride with lunch break at the lake and after-ride party

Gravity Bike Festival

27.-30.06.2024 | Klingemühle im Schlaubetal | Rennen, Touren, Musik, Genuss

Thüringen Erfahren

18.05.2024 | Neuengönna (bei Jena) | 300/500 km | 4.500/6.500 HM | Gravel/Road

FNLND GRVL Lathi, Finnland

15.06.2024 | FNLND GRVL | Festival und Rennen

Flanders Gravel

tba | Gravel Kemmelberg (Belgien)

Gravel Earth Global Series #2

18.-21.062024 | „Migration Gravel Race“ | Kenia

Gravel Earth Global Series #3

26.-30.06.2024 | „Oregon Trail Gravel“ | USA

Flanders Gravel

tba | Gravel Koppenberg (Belgien)

Paris des Ostens

tba | Dreiländereck Deutschland, Tschechien und Polen | Gravel

Gravel events 2022: the gravel fest in the harz mountains
Three days of enjoyment and gravel in the heart of the Harz Mountains: the Gravel Fest celebrated its successful premiere in 2021.

Gravel Earth Global Series #4

20.07.2024 | „The Rift Gravel Race“ | Island

Gravel Rallye Black Forest

19. – 21.07.2024 | Feldberg | Mit Expo Areal und Gravel Touren

Gravel Earth Global Series #5

20.-22-09.2024 | „Falling Leaves Lahti“ | Finland

Dirty Boar

tba | Waime s(Ovifat), Belgien | ca. 170 km | ca. 2.500 m Anstieg

Flanders Gravel

tba | Gravel Limburg (Belgien)

Gravel Earth Global Series #6

12.-13.10.2024 | „Ranxo“ | Spanien

Heide Gravel

01.09.2024 | Taura, Sachsen | 30, 60 oder 100 km | Gravel


07./08.09.2024 | Gravel Rallye/Festival in Tschechien

Flanders Gravel

tba | Gravel Durbuy (Belgien)

Gravel Games

28. bis 29.09.2024 | Zeche Ewald, Herten | Gravel Festival mit Rennen, Expo und vielen geführten Gravel-Touren


tba | „virtuelles“ Event mit immer länger werdenden Touren (+ Prüfungen) im Brevet-Style

Ultra Cycling Events 2024

Burgenland Extrem

25.01.2024 | Winterradwanderung, 1-3 Mal rund um den Neusiedler See | Oggau, Österreich

Iberica-Traversa Northbound

22.09.2024 | Irun/Spanien | 1.720 km | 30.000 HM | Gravel und Trails


12.05.2024 | Neustadt an der Weinstraße | ca. 1.120 km | 25.000 HM | Road

All Points North

24. – 28.05.2024 | Sheffield | ca. 1.000 km | 13.000 Höhenmeter | Road


03.06. – 31.10.2024 | verschiedene Locations | „virtuelle“ Long Distance Gravel Challenge

Orbit 360
2020 sind wir unter anderem den NRW Orbit in der Eifel gefahren und können sagen: Das war ein riesiger Spaß!

Trans Atlantic Way

tba | Derry, Irland/England | ca. 2.440 km | 29.000 Höhenmeter | Straße

45 SouthWest

20.06.2025 | Krakau, Polen | ca. 4.300 km | Straße

North Cape – Tarifa

20.06.2024 | North Cape | bis zu 7.400 km | Straße

North Cape 4000

20.07.2024 | Rovereto, Italien | ca. 4.000 km | Straße

Alaska Devide

18.08.2024 | Anchorage | 1.660 km | Gravel & Road

North cape 4000
Martin Temmen took part in the North Cape 4000 in 2021. Click on the picture to read his article about his bike set-up for this extreme ultra-endurance race!

Super Grevet: von Wien nach Berlin

24.08.2024 | 750 km | Gravel

Iberica Traversa Southbound

22.09.2024 | 1.720 km | Gravel und Trails


06.10.2024 | Tanger | 2.300 km | 23.000 HM | Gravel

Vätternrundfahrt 315 km

14.06. bis 15.06.2024 | Motala | 315 km | Road

Coast and dead Fish

31.05. – 02.06.2024 | Lübeck | 100, 200, 300, 400 km

Border Bash Aragon

18. – 21.04.2024 | Aragonien, Spanien | 240 km | Gravel Ultra Cycling

Bohemian Border Bash RACE

07. – 14.09.2024 | Jetřichovice, Tschechien | ca. 1.300 km | 22.000 HM

KOM Berlin – Berliner Everesting Challenge

tba, 20 Uhr | Berlin, Arkenberge | Everesting Challenge | 8.848 HM

Other bike events 2024

Cycling World Düsseldorf

15. – 17.03.2024 | Düsseldorf | Fahrradmesse

kolektif berlin bike fair

22. – 24.03.2024 | Berlin | Fahrradmesse

Spezialradmesse SPEZI

27./28.04.2024 | Lauchringen | Fahrradmesse

Eroica Montalcino

26.05.2024 | Toskana | 209 km | Rennradklassiker

La Stelvio Santini

02.06.2024 | Bormio | 160 km | 4.450 HM | Rennrad


03. – 07.07.2024 | Frankfurt am Main | Fahrradmesse

Ötztaler Radmarathon

01.09.2024 | 227 km | 5500 HM | Sölden | Rennrad Marathon

GBI Ladies Transalp

09. – 14.09.2024 | Ladies Transalp von Salzburg zum Gardasee | Rennrad

BESPOKED Custom Bike Messe

18. – 20.10.2024 | am Flughafen Dresden

Gravel- & Bikepacking Events FAQ

What is a gravel race?

Ride to arran

Before you sign up for a gravel event, you’ll want to know what you’re getting yourself into. If you’re not necessarily in the mood for hardcore racing action, but rather want to focus on fun and sport, we have good news for you: a gravel event is probably just the thing for you!

Basically, you can say that most gravel events are about having a good time together on the gravel bike, but also enjoying the weekend together after the gravel tour. There is usually music, good food and nice social programmes that are all about the community.

But of course you also want to cycle, don’t you? Don’t worry, this is of course never neglected at a gravel event. There are often routes with different distances and levels of difficulty so that you can choose the right gravel track for you. However, it is usually the case that gravel events are not made for absolute newcomers to cycling. So you should bring a bit of fitness and riding technique with you. Of course, there are also different demands on your gravel skills. The virtual gravel event “Grevet”, for example, is quite challenging. The Gravel Fest in the Harz Mountains, on the other hand, is also ideal for less experienced riders.

What do we mean by bikepacking?

To be honest, we’ve always travelled on a gravel bike when bikepacking. But that’s not necessarily the point. The name says it all: bikepacking means travelling by bike and taking a certain amount of luggage with you. As a rule, this should be minimalist, because one thing is clear: the less weight you carry, the more relaxed the ride. Of course, you can also do this on a racing bike or mountain bike. But the gravel bike is ideal for us. Because it is to a certain extent suitable for off-road use and yet you can get around much faster on it than on an MTB.

When we talk about bikepacking events, we are usually talking about multi-day gravel events where you have everything you need to complete the route with you by attaching it to your bike. This is called “Self Supported” – part of a codex that applies to many bikepacking events. Most bikepacking events are still non-commercial. They don’t count as a race either, instead you’re just competing against yourself and the track. Whether you cycle the whole route in one go or split it up over several days is entirely up to you.

What do I need to take with me to a bikepacking event?

Radreise ausrüstung

This question is of course difficult to answer in general terms. The bottom line is: as much as necessary, as little as possible. Of course, it also depends on where you are travelling from, what the weather is like, how long you will be on the road and what your comfort requirements are. As you can see, your personal bikepacking luggage is a pretty individual thing. To help you a little with your packing, we have put together our bikepacking packing list here.

What is an ultra endurance race?

Here, too, the name says it all: the main aim is to cover long distances by bike. For normal people, the distances of such events usually sound pretty crazy. They are often several thousand kilometres long and the participants in these races often try to cover these distances with as few breaks as possible. So these races are definitely a bit special, but they certainly have their appeal. And as always, there is no one endurance event. Some are incredibly long. Others, however, are quite doable and offer you a great introduction to this very special type of cycling. We have even included an Everesting event in our list. This is certainly not a classic ultra endurance race. But mastering the 8,848 metres of the world’s highest mountain alone is somehow quite an endurance feat, isn’t it?

How do I plan a gravel route?

Komoot anleitung basic 13 | lifecycle magazine

You used to need good maps for this. Today, a good app or a corresponding planning tool for the desktop is usually sufficient. There, you can select the roads, dirt tracks and gravel tracks that are perfect for your taste from the most detailed maps possible from a huge network of routes. You can either let this tool navigate you directly, or you can export a GPX track for your bike sat nav, for example from Garmin or Wahoo. Our favourite planning tool is komoot, which is available both as a desktop version and as an app. If you want to know how best to proceed, check out our detailed komoot guide.

What is your favourite bikepacking event?

We are very interested in this! If you like, write to us via our contact form or via our Instagram and Facebook profiles.

What is the best way to get to a gravel event?

We’ve already travelled to an event by bike – it doesn’t get any better than this! If it’s too far, you can always take the train. If you want to travel by train, you should take a look at our tips & tricks for travelling by bike and train.

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