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Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750 and Cube Trike Cargo Hybrid 750: All about the new Cube Cargobike

What happens when a two-wheeler manufacturer and a manufacturer of four-wheeled vehicles team up? The result is a vehicle with three wheels. Here's everything you need to know about the new Cube Cargobike, created in collaboration with BMW. There are two models: the Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750 and the Cube Trike Cargo Hybrid 750. Curtain up ...

Cube Trike Hybrid 750: the concept

The principle of the bicycle is quite ingenious: with little technical effort and only little additional weight, it enables fast movement and even the transport of loads. And even without a motor. In this sense, it is debatable how reasonable it is to keep drilling out an ingeniously simple concept until the result is a vehicle that can no longer be ridden without additional engine power.

Two camps are currently crystallising in the cargo bike sector. On the one hand, super-light, highly efficient sports equipment such as the recently introduced Maniac & Sane cargo bike, which weighs just 15 kilos. On the other hand, there are cargo bikes that are extremely stable and suitable for everyday use, but are hardly or not at all rideable without an electric motor. One may be divided on this. Nevertheless, the heavy-duty cargo bikes also have one ability that is crucial: they can replace a car. It doesn’t matter how fit or experienced their owners are. The electric motor compensates for this and easily transports man and load through the city. And it does so with a tiny fraction of the energy used by a car.

The cube trike family hybrid 750
The Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750 is one of two new Cube Cargobike models that the German bike manufacturer has developed together with the German car manufacturer BMW.

In the manufacture of cars, the focus has traditionally been on a high level of comfort. In this respect, it is hardly surprising that the new Cube Trike Hybrid 750 cargo bike models, which were created in collaboration with BMW, aim to take this feature to a new level. The total weight is more of a side note: the new vehicle weighs 75 kilos. This puts it in the category of “heavy-duty bikes” like the Gleam Escape we tested, which also comes on three wheels. The new Trike Hybrid series is divided into two model series: Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750 and Cuby Trike Cargo Hybrid 750. Here are the details and differences.

Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750: The perfect family carriage?

Basically, Cube wants to combine the easy handling of a normal e-bike with the versatility of a powerful cargo bike with the new models. In addition, there is the safety aspect of using the tricycle principle. In order for such a tricycle to run smoothly and safely even when loaded, it needs a technical solution: tilting technology. Thanks to this, the loading area at the rear is decoupled from the bike or rider at the front. This way, the loading surface remains horizontal in corners and the bike can be ridden naturally.

Speaking of the load at the rear: this is where the main difference between the Family and Cargo models can be seen. The box of the Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750 is optimised for transporting kids. The sides and back of the transport box are pulled far upwards and offer the passengers maximum protection. The integrated rain cover opens automatically by means of a gas pressure spring. Versatile seat and safety belts help protect the kids. If larger loads need to be transported instead, they can be stowed quickly and easily. There is further storage space in the main frame. In addition, a front luggage rack can be added. It is offered by Cube and costs around 130 euros.

Transporting kids is clearly the main focus of the cube trike family hybrid 750.
Transporting kids is clearly the main focus of the Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750.

Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750: Motor and equipment

For the drive, Cube relies on technology from Bosch. A Bosch Drive Unit Cargo Line Generation 4 with 85 Nm and 250 watts of power is installed. The energy for this is provided by a Bosch Power Tube battery with 750 wh. For full everyday suitability, the bike has mudguards, an SR Suntour suspension fork, sturdy Schwalbe Pick-Up Cargo tyres, Supernova lighting and an Enviolo Cargo hub gear. The Tektro disc brakes are equipped with a locking option so that the bike cannot roll away even on slopes. To ensure that the Cube cargo bike can be quickly adjusted to all family members, it was given a telescopic seat post. The Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750 model is available in three colour variants for 6,999 euros (as of May 2023).

Cube Trike Cargo Hybrid 750: a load donkey for everyday use

The main difference between the Family model and the Cargo model can be seen in the different load boxes at the rear of the bikes. While the Box of the Cube Trike Family Hybrid was primarily optimised for transporting children, the Cargo model focuses on transporting loads. Child seats are therefore not present. The lightweight and robust Cargobox is waterproof and can be locked. This is undoubtedly a cool feature for anyone who regularly goes shopping on their cargo bike!

The cube trike cargo hybrid 750 in use. You can clearly see how the tilting technology at the rear "decouples" the loading area from the rest of the bike.
The Cube Trike Cargo Hybrid 750 in use. You can clearly see how the tilting technology at the rear “decouples” the loading area from the rest of the bike.

There is some disillusionment when it comes to the load: Cube states that the box can be loaded with up to 50 kilograms. It will probably be a similar value for the Family model. Given the bike’s high overall weight, this value is not exactly record-breaking. The total load capacity, however, is 220 kg – the cargo model can also be equipped with an additional front luggage rack that holds an extra 20 kilos. The Cube Trike Cargo Hybrid is initially only available in plain black for 6,499 euros.

Together with BMW, Cube has developed two Cargobike models here that primarily appeal to people who – similar to cars – are looking for a comfortable, well thought-out overall package. Get on, ride off and don’t worry about your vehicle: The robust Cube Trike Hybrid should be able to do just that. Just once you have to make a decision. Namely when it comes to choosing the right model: should it be the family car or rather the minivan?

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