Deuter Bikepacking bags Cabezon: High quality bike travel bags from the German outdoor specialist

According to the motto "good things take time" the new Deuter Bikepacking bags called Cabezon were developed. Here is all the information on the thoughtful transport solution for the minimalist bike luggage from the house of Deuter.

Deuter is one of the most traditional manufacturers of outdoor accessories ever. The company was founded in 1898 and thus celebrates its 125th birthday in 2023. The enthusiasm for the mountains, for nature and for shared adventures are firmly anchored in the company DNA. All this comes together in a comprehensive sustainability concept. The more we are pleased that we now also find a bikepacking equipment in the Deuter portfolio. Here is all the information about the new Deuter Bikepacking bags Cabezon.

Deuter bikepacking bags
The Deuter Cabezon Collection consists of a bikepacking saddle bag, a frame bag and a handlebar roll.

Of course, Deuter has recognized: Bikepacking is booming! Traveling minimalist and yet self-sufficiently and under one’s own power – that has a strong appeal for more and more people. So basically, it was a matter of time before the German backpacking pioneer presented its own bikepacking collection, right? Time has definitely taken the outdoor specialist for the Deuter Bikepacking bags.

That is why the wheel (-bag concept) is not reinvented by the southern German outdoor professional. Instead, Deuter presents a matured from the start, high-quality and thoughtful bikepacking bag set, which we would like to present to you in detail here.

Who are the Deuter Cabezon Bikepacking bags for?

Just get out. Take a few days, grab your gravel bike and cycle into nature. Only the bare necessities come along. No luxury, no distractions. You rattle over gravel roads and trails. You explore your surroundings from a new, calm perspective. You take the pace out of your everyday life and leave everything at home that doesn’t have to be there. That’s bikepacking and that’s exactly what the new Cabezon Bikepacking bags from Deuter are designed for.

This is bikepacking! A perfect match with the new deuter bikepacking bags, which go by the name of cabezon.
This is bikepacking! A perfect match with the new Deuter Bikepacking bags, which go by the name of Cabezon.

Whether gravel bike or mountain bike: The new Deuter Bikepacking bags offer just the space it needs to take the essentials. A few clothes to change into, a sleeping mat, a sleeping bag, maybe a tent and the camping stove. Just a complete home – compressed to the bare essentials.

If you’ve been in bikepacking mode before, you know: It’s the little details that count. Bikepacking bags should not be too heavy. They must be able to attach securely to the bike without wobbling. Nevertheless, they should be quick and easy to disassemble so that you can quickly access the contents at any time. Bikepacking bags must be exceptionally robust. And they should definitely be waterproof, because nothing is more unpleasant than when the contents of your already minimalist luggage also gets wet.

What bikepacking bags should be able to do, can basically be reduced to a short sentence: They must do their job absolutely reliably and must not be annoying on the road. The less you notice of your bikepacking luggage during the ride, the better. How the new Deuter Bikepacking bags want to offer that? Lets take a closer look …

What is the Cabezon set made of? The new Deuter Bikepacking bags in detail

Deuter picks up the proven bikepacking concept: The weight of the luggage should be distributed as evenly as possible over the bike. Besides, it’s totally okay if space is limited. Minimalism is part of bikepacking. Therefore, the Cabezon Bikepacking bags series includes three parts:

The names of the new Deuter bags are self-explanatory: FB stands for Frame Bag, SB for Seat Bag and HB for Handlebar Bag. The number behind indicates the respective packing volume. In detail, this means:

Deuter cabezon handlebar bag
Deuter Bikepacking bags Cabezon: High quality bike travel bags from the German outdoor specialist

The Deuter Cabezon handlebar bag offers a volume of 14 liters. Together with the saddlebag, which holds 16 liters, it offers plenty of “cargo space”. Its own weight is 600 grams, the saddlebag weighs 580 grams. Both Deuter Bikepacking bags are predestined to let tend voluminous, but not too heavy parts “disappear” in it. From the sleeping pad to the sleeping bag to the lightweight tent – the two large Cabezon bags offer enough space for it. If you ever don’t have it fully loaded, you can reduce its size thanks to roll-top closure. Practical feature: The integrated air valve makes it easy to compress both bags.

Practical: the two-part construction. So you can quickly and easily remove the pannier without dismantling the actual holder from the handlebar.
Practical: the two-part structure. So you can quickly and easily remove the pannier without dismantling the actual bracket from the handlebar.
Thanks to velcro fasteners and additional tension straps, the deutscher handlebar roller is very versatile.
Thanks to Velcro fasteners and additional tension straps, the Deutscher handlebar roller is very versatile.
The deuter bikepacking saddle bag also convinces with its two-part design.
The Deuter Bikepacking saddle bag also convinces with its two-part design.

Practical for quick loading and unloading: The two-part superstructure

Both the Cabezon handlebar bag and the Deuter saddle bag are constructed in two parts. This means that the actual “pack sack” is pushed into a bag holder and lashed into it. This bracket is firmly attached to the bike. This design has proven to be very practical on the road on a bikepacking trip. You can easily pull out the pannier bag, for example, if you want to take your rain jacket out of the handlebar roll. For this, you do not have to loosen the entire fixation every time, but only two click fasteners. The actual attachment of the bikepacking bag to the handlebar remains unaffected. This is exactly how it works with the saddle bag: the bracket is lashed once firmly to the saddle and seat post. The pack sack is then pushed inside and can be quickly and easily removed on the go.

The deuter frame bag is available in two sizes, so that a suitable model is available for most frames.
The Deuter frame bag is available in two sizes, so that a suitable model is available for most frames.

For heavy parts: The Deuter Cabezon frame bag

From a purely physical point of view, it makes sense to stow heavy objects as centrally as possible. For this, the Deuter frame bag is predestined. It is mounted in the main frame under the top tube. The Cabezon Frame Bag is available in two sizes. the 4-liter version weighs 145 grams and is 40 centimeters long. The larger model in the Deuter Bikepacking bags portfolio weighs slightly more at 170 grams. The Cabezon FB6 offers six liters of storage space and is 46 centimeters long. Both bags are attached with Velcro to the top tube and to the down tube and seat tube.

Deuter Bikepacking bags: Colors and prices

The Deuter Cabezon series is available in two colors: Atlantic-Black and Desert-Black. Both color combinations look stylish and subtle, so they should fit perfectly into the design of most bikes. The saddle bag Cabezon FB4 costs 80 euros, the larger FB6 is available for 85 euros. The handlebar caster Cabezon HB14 costs 100 euros. The saddle bag Cabezon SB16 is with 130 euros the most expensive part of the new Deuter Bikepacking bags collection.

Here you can see the two color variations of the deuter bikepacking bags.
Here you can see the two color variants of the Deuter Bikepacking bags: Desert-Black (left) and Atlantic-Black (right).

What’s special about bikepacking bags from Deuter?

There are a lot of bikepacking bags. Maybe you’re wondering just like us: Why should we buy bikepacking bags from Deuter? We have therefore taken a close look at the bags and simply summarized a few arguments in favor.

Deuter Cabezon: protection from dust and water

One of the most important arguments for buying bikepacking bags is the protection of the load. This should be absolutely safe from mud, dust and especially water. If you’ve ever pulled your change of clothes out of your bikepacking bag after a 200-kilometer tour in really lousy weather, only to find that everything is wet, you know what we’re talking about. For this reason, Deuter uses extremely durable material for its Cabezon series, which is waterproof. All seams are taped and heat sealed. The zippers are coated with TPU plastic and also protect the contents from moisture.

The deuter cabezon parts - including zippers - are well protected against water penetration.
The Deuter Cabezon parts – including zippers – are well protected against water penetration.

Ecological sustainability: bikepacking bags that do not harm the environment

Deuter is very committed to operating as sustainably as possible. On the Deuter homepage (–> this way) you can spend a lot of time “exploring” Deuter’s sustainability concept. In any case, we have the impression that Deuter is seriously committed in this regard. There are (still far too) few companies that address the issue of sustainability as comprehensively as Deuter.

Deuter bikepacking bags series Cabezon: Our conclusion

For sure a detailed test of the new Deuter Bikepacking bags is still pending. Our conclusion is therefore limited to the first impressions we have of the Cabezon series. These are definitely promising. The three new bikepacking bags look robust and well thought out. We also like them visually. We particularly like Deuter’s sustainability strategy. Deuter promises “clean”, traceable supply chains and high quality. The Deuter repair service additionally ensures that the Cabezon Bikepacking bags will accompany you for a long time.

In addition to supply chains that are as traceable as possible and a whole host of social aspects, there are very concrete measures from which you also benefit: Deuter attaches great importance to the longevity of its products. If something does break, the lifetime repair service helps: Deuter repairs your bag for many years after purchase and thus makes a great contribution to the current throwaway culture. By the way, all Deuter products are impregnated PFC-free since 2020. This also applies to the Deuter Bikepacking bags.

Deuter bikepacking bags are an exciting alternative if you like to travel with your bike!
Deuter Bikepacking bags are an exciting alternative if you like to travel with your bike!

PFC stands for “per- and polyfluorinated chemicals”, which is popular for impregnating outdoor accessories due to its water-, grease- and dirt-repellent properties. Unfortunately, PFCs are toxic, accumulate in the environment and in organisms, and are practically not degraded. One of the many downsides of many outdoor activities … Deuter Bikepacking bags do not use these fabrics.

Besides these points, the function is of course a decisive selling point. Since we could not yet perform a Deuter Bikepacking bags test, this point is still pending in any case! As soon as we get our hands on the Deuter Bikepacking bags, we’ll catch up. But what we have seen so far makes us confident. The Cabezon series makes a high-quality, well thought-out impression. You can expect no experiments, but a proven concept that is solidly implemented.

Here you will find all manufacturer information about the new Deuter Cabezon Bikepacking bags. On this website you will find many tips and tricks about bikepacking. In addition, the products of the cheaper Deuter Bikepacking bags series Mondego can also be found there.

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