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CaGo Mini cargo bike: The award-winning CaGo CS compact urban bike

At the turn of the year, the new CaGo CS model range received the German Design Award 2024 and the Design and Innovation Award 2024. To honor these awards, we take a closer look at the CaGo CS mini cargo bike in this article.

The CaGo CS and the German Design Award

The CS model from Ca Go was awarded gold in the “Excellent Product Design – Bicycles and E-Bikes” category at the German Design Award 2024. This is not only an award for excellent design, but also a tribute to the innovative approach that makes the CS a highlight in the world of cargo bikes.

The jury recognized not only the remarkable design quality, but also the innovative approaches that make the CS a pioneer in micromobility. The design may seem unconventional at first glance, but it is not only extremely intuitive, but also functional, according to the jury. It clearly shows how even a small bicycle can bring about major changes in urban mobility.

This award is not just for design lovers, but also for anyone interested in sustainable and urban mobility. The CS model embodies the transition to micromobility and shows that environmentally friendly transportation is not only good for the planet, but can also be stylish.

The CaGo CS and the Design and Innovation Award

The jury of the Design and Innovation Award was also impressed by the numerous innovations in the CS model range. The ability to store luggage on up to three levels and optimally distribute the weight was highlighted as an outstanding option. The Design and Innovation Award emphasizes that the CS 150 is a cleverly designed cargo bike that is ideally suited even for beginners and represents a great leap into the future of this category. This award therefore stands not only for aesthetic design, but also for practical innovations that take cycling in the city to a new level.

Was macht das CaGo Mini-Lastenfahrrad so besonders?

In short: the CaGo CS offers plenty of space for kids and the everyday things in life as well as a large load volume in the smallest of spaces. With the lowest possible center of gravity and a small turning circle, it should be very easy to handle and stable – ideal for stress-free mobility in demanding everyday life. In general, the idea of a compact urban load donkey is nothing new. The Tern GSD or the Muli cargo bike serve a similar target group. However, CaGo has rethought the concept and spiced it up with cool features. But let’s go into a little more detail …

Maximum flexibility: the “Triple Load Space”

The CaGo CS offers three loading areas: A rear rack, a front rack and the “Center Rack”, which is placed in front of/under the top tube and offers a particularly low center of gravity. Its format is perfect for carrying crates of drinks or small Euro boxes (400 x 330 mm), but of course also offers space for all kinds of other loads. The front rack can be extended with a platform on which, for example, a combi box or a large travel bag can fit.

A child seat can be attached to the rear luggage rack. A total payload of 75 kilograms is possible, provided the permissible total weight of 180 kg is not exceeded. Quite remarkable for such a small bike! The weight is distributed as follows: The rear rack holds up to 27 kg, the front rack up to 18 kg and the center rack even up to 30 kg. Despite its compact dimensions, the CaGo CS should be suitable for riders between 1.65 and 2 meters. The frame is a “one-size-fits-all” model: the bike can be adapted using the saddle height and adjustable stem.

Models and prices

The Ca Go CS is available in three model variants: CS100, CS150 and CS200. These differ in particular in the drivetrains used and the scope of equipment. The CS100 shifts with a 9-speed Microshift derailleur, while the CS150 is already equipped with an Enviolo gear hub. The top-of-the-range CS200 model uses an Enviolo hub in combination with a Gates belt and scores with a comprehensive range of features, including a rear rack, the Bosch Kiox 300 display and other highlights.

In this way, CaGo has the right “packages” for all kinds of requirements, which you can further customize using the online configurator. The CS is priced in the high-end segment: the cheapest model starts at 5,590 euros. The CS150 costs from 5,990 euros. For the top model CS200 you have to shell out from 6,490 euros.

Technology and equipment

Like its big brother, the CaGo FS200, the CS also has cable steering. This has apparently proved its worth and has the advantage that it enables very good steering behavior and a very small turning circle.

At the heart of the new Cago Mini cargo bike is the Bosch Cargo Line Smart Systems drive. This includes the motor itself, a PowerPack 545 Wh battery, an LED remote control unit and the eBike Flow app. With an impressive 85 Nm and up to 400% assistance, this system ensures powerful propulsion. The Auto mode automatically adjusts the support during the (uphill) ride, and the practical Hill Hold function prevents rolling back or downhill on ascents. At speeds above 25 km/h, the motor and gearbox decouple, ensuring a smooth ride with minimal pedal resistance even without motor assistance. Optional upgrades such as a Bosch PowerPack 725 Wh battery, Bosch Kiox 300 display, Bosch Smartphone Grip and Bosch Connect module are available.

CaGo also relies on quality for the other components. The brakes are made by Magura, the lights by high-end manufacturer Supernova and the tires by Schwalbe. Here, the decision was made to use the special PickUp cargo bike tire. Speaking of which, the CS rolls on compact 20-inch tires at the front and rear.

A Suntour Moby 34 suspension fork offers 80 mm of travel and is designed to provide control and comfort.

All in all, CaGo has also put a lot of thought into this new model and presents a mini-cargobike that is very likely to be a great help in everyday life and a perfect car replacement!

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