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CNUT bike bag: Fairly produced handlebar bag handmade in Bavaria

When it comes to sustainable consumption, we always have our eyes and ears open. It's worth it, because this way we always come across new exciting products that have nothing to do with "fast, fast - cheap, cheap". Like CNUT Bags, which we would like to introduce briefly in this article.

CNUT Bags – The story behind the name

Let’s start at the very beginning. Where does the somewhat unusual name of the CNUT bicycle bag come from? The answer is pretty simple: Cnut is a nickname of bag inventor Jonas Feurer. It was born out of his love of Scandinavia and his distinctive signature red beanie.

The cnut bicycle bag
This is Cnut, the bicycle bag by Jonas from Bavaria.

CNUT bicycle bag – What is this all about?

In contrast to the huge portfolio of many outdoor brands, CNUT Bags is all about the CNUT Bag. And this has arisen from the personal needs of Jonas, who describes it like this:

“I’m on the track almost every day and have found, especially on small and medium tours, that a backpack is usually too big and annoying to store only the ‘essentials’ like mobile phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses and handkerchiefs and bars. That’s why I was looking for a nice handlebar bag. However, I only found visually appealing models from overseas, which were often far too expensive for the quality offered due to shipping and customs and also did not demonstrate a good ecological balance. That’s why I had the idea to produce stylish handlebar bags regionally myself.

That sounds pretty obvious at first. But you’re probably also asking yourself: How do you build your own handlebar bag?

From the zip to the buckle: everything about the cnut handlebar bag is designed for durability.
From the zip to the buckle: everything about the Cnut handlebar bag is designed for durability.
Cnut fahrradtasche 3 | lifecycle magazine
The Cnut Patch comes from the Allgäu and is vegetable tanned.

How is a CNUT handlebar bag made?

Jonah’s mother is a seamstress. Logically, Jonas called in their know-how to implement his idea. Together, they bought their first fabrics and began to tinker and try. The first bags were made on mother’s sewing machine at home. Of course, this was not really ideal for the targeted series production …

But how and where do you have such a bag made, if not in the Far East? The latter, by the way, was never an option for Jonas. He wanted his bicycle handlebar bag to be produced regionally and in a socially responsible way. With the Regens-Wagner Foundation, he found a direct local contact and was able to ensure that all the bags were handmade in Bavaria according to fair and high-quality standards.

Cnut fahrradtasche 7 | lifecycle magazine
Cnut bags are available in all kinds of colours and also as top tube bags.

CNUT bicycle handlebar bag – the facts

It all sounds pretty great! But what exactly does the CNUT handlebar bag have to offer? Here are all the CNUT Facts!

  • The CNUT handlebar bag offers 2 litres of volume and thus space for all cycling essentials
  • The handlebar bag is 20 cm wide and has a diameter of just under 11 cm. Enough storage space for keys, wallet, mobile phone, sunglasses, handkerchiefs and energy bars.
  • The bag protects your belongings from rain and splashing water: the fabric is made of high-quality 1000 Cordura and is therefore at least water-repellent. The zip is waterproof thanks to YKK Aquaguard technology.
  • The CNUT bike bag is easy to assemble: It is quickly and securely fastened with webbing made of organic cotton. The straps on the handlebar bag are made of tear-resistant safety webbing.
  • Every CNUT bag is genuine handicraft – regionally and socially manufactured in Bavaria. The bag is sewn at the Regens-Wagner Foundation and supports local social projects. The patch comes from an Allgäu tannery and is vegetable tanned.
  • CNUT can be cleaned without any problems: You can simply clean it by hand with a mild detergent.
  • CNUT offers customisable style: Currently, CNUT bags are available in 20 fabric colours, as well as two variants each for the webbing and zips. The colour combinations can be personalised on request.
  • CNUT also cuts a fine figure after the bike tour: thanks to the “Kurt” shoulder strap, you can simply put it on.
  • Price: 60 euros

We find: The CNUT bicycle bag is a success! And while we’re already testing them, you can take a look at them in the CNUT shop.

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