2 new Specialized Sirrus Carbon models: Commuting bike with style and sex appeal

The bike is clearly the better car in everyday life, if you ask us! And because cars are known to serve as a status symbol, the news of the new Specialized Sirrus Carbon is particularly hot: With this new commuting bike you let so many noble car pretty old look.

Specialized Sirrus Carbon 2023: brandnew new frame

The Sirrus is not a new Specialized model. It has been the fitness and commuting model of Californians for quite some time. So far, it was rather a relatively inconspicuous companion: The Specialized Sirrus looked reasonable and functional and certainly does a great job. What the noble brand presents today, has relatively little to do with a functional exterior: The new Specialized Sirrus is a real eye-catcher!

One of the “culprits” is the new frame. It was obviously completely revised and you can see what it should be able to: The seat tube has been cut in half and is supported on a kind of rhombus, which should provide super comfortable riding characteristics. Nevertheless, the frame should be stiff and efficient. And super light. In this combination, this can only offer a carbon frame.

The frame got a whole new look!
So it looks, the new Specialized Sirrus Carbon 2023. Especially the frame got a whole new look!

Comfort is also the order of the day at the front of the Sirrus. Here, the Specialized proprietary Future Shock System ensures that shocks and vibrations are eliminated. The head tube houses 20 mm of suspension travel, which actually provides noticeably more comfort. The system is not new – we were able to try it out once in a Specialized road bike quite some time ago. In the Commuting Bike Sirrus the technology is perfectly housed!

There are two Sirrus models: the Specialized Sirrus Carbon X 5.0 and the Carbon 6.0

This subdivision is not really new. The names of the models reveal where the differences are. The Sirrus X 5.0 is the “cross version” of the Sirrus and accordingly somewhat more robustly designed. With it, you can easily make regular trips on off-road trails. Thanks to the 38 mm tires in particular, the bottom end is allowed to rumble a bit. The X 5.0 is a bit more robustly equipped, but uses the same frame and should thus offer similar riding characteristics as the Sirrus Carbon 6.0.

Conversely, the Specialized Sirrus Carbon 6.0 is a bit lighter, mainly because it has been given narrower wheels and tires (30/32s). Urban terrain is thus the playground of this bike. If you want to ride fast, comfortable and in style around town, this is the bike for you.

With wider tires and more robust parts, the specialized sirrus x 5. 0 is predestined for enjoyable off-road excursions!
With wider tires and more robust parts, the Specialized Sirrus X 5.0 is predestined for enjoyable off-road excursions!
The specialized sirrus carbon 6 finds its playground clearly in urban terrain! Thanks to lightweight parts and narrow tires you are lightning fast in the city...
The Specialized Sirrus Carbon 6 finds its playground clearly in urban terrain! Thanks to lightweight parts and narrow tires you are in the city lightning fast on the road …

The new Specialized Sirrus FACT 9r carbon frame: Simply well thought out

Besides the “suspension” feature, the whole Sirrus frame is quite a highlight. Compared to the old frame, it is said to have slimmed down by around 600 grams. It offers many screw eyes, so you can mount all sorts of accessories: From luggage rack to mudguard, everything is possible. A Specialized special feature is the “Rider-First Geometry”: it says that each frame size is calculated individually and is not simply adjusted proportionally. The idea behind this is that all riders, no matter how tall, can enjoy the same riding characteristics.

Back to the topic of status symbol: Compared to its four-wheeled counterpart, the Specialized Sirrus has another key advantage. It is much cheaper. That Sirrus X 5.0 gibt’s in the Specialized Store already from 2,100 euros. The Sirrus 6.0 is available for 2,600 Euros. That’s a hell of a lot of dough left over that you can spend on more useful things! 

For the exact equipment and the geometry data of the new models you check best times directly the Specialized website. There you will find all information about the new models. In addition, all other models of the Sirrus series can also be found there. Among them bikes with aluminum frames and with full-fledged Commuting equipment for everyday use.

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