Climate-neutral WordPress hosting from Raidboxes

Climate-neutral WordPress hosting for your website!


The Internet consumes vast amounts of energy. If you run your own website, you may have already dealt with this issue and asked yourself: How can I run my website in a climate-friendly way? With climate-neutral WordPress hosting from Raidboxes, we have a great recommendation for you. Raidboxes may not be cheap, but it is sustainable across the board and absolutely premium.

Raidboxes is a renowned WordPress hosting company headquartered in Münster, Germany, which is characterised by outstanding performance and specialised services. Raidboxes’ server infrastructure is exclusively tailored to the requirements of WordPress, resulting in fast loading times and a stable WordPress website. The company attaches great importance to security, with automated backups and comprehensive malware protection. Raidboxes’ customer support is characterised by in-depth expertise in WordPress and is very personal. In addition, Raidboxes offers user-friendly tools for managing WordPress instances and effortless integration of development and staging environments. Switching to Raidboxes promises not only improved website performance, but also more efficient administration by a reliable team.

Raidboxes not only focuses on technical excellence, but is also committed to environmentally friendly green hosting and a fair corporate culture. The company fully offsets its CO2 emissions and only uses green electricity. Raidboxes also supports climate protection projects in order to leave a positive ecological footprint. The company promotes a fair corporate culture and transparent communication. Raidboxes is certified according to the standards of the Economy for the Common Good and recognised as a B-Corporation. As a German company with data centres exclusively in Germany, Raidboxes guarantees not only the highest security standards, but also exemplary data protection in accordance with strict German legislation.

Raidboxes pursues a comprehensive sustainability strategy that also takes social aspects into account. As a certified B Corp company, it publishes a detailed sustainability report. In short, Raidboxes is the inevitable choice for those for whom a sustainable offer is important. However, this goes hand in hand with a higher price, as is often said: quality has its price!

Raidboxes has intensively analysed the special features of the system and the needs of WordPress users. Numerous features have been developed to make everyday life easier and save a considerable amount of time. For example, many functions that would normally have to be installed as separate WordPress plugins are already integrated into Raidboxes on the server side. This includes backup and caching systems as well as a free test environment for the development of websites or staging environments. This not only saves time and possibly money, but also optimises the website in terms of speed.

In addition, Raidboxes offers smaller but useful functions, such as the ability to update WordPress installations and plugins directly via the Raidboxes backend. The well-designed backend provides intuitive access to important settings, which is particularly valuable if you manage your WordPress website yourself. A particular highlight is Raidboxes’ easy-to-use staging environment, which allows changes to be safely tested before they are transferred to the live site.

To summarise: When it comes to WordPress web hosting, it’s worth taking a look at Raidboxes. Although it is not the cheapest offer, the investment quickly pays for itself when you consider the time and effort that can be saved through the various WordPress functions. However, if you are satisfied with standard functionality, you can save considerably with WebGo.

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Climate-neutral WordPress hosting from Raidboxes