Cycling holiday with a camper? The bicycle caravan I Woody makes it possible!

Fahrradcamper 1 | lifecycle magazine

Do you like camping holidays with your own caravan or motorhome? But actually, you would rather do without dragging your accommodation around by car? Here’s the perfect solution for you: The “I Woody” is a caravan that was specially developed for combination with a bicycle as a towing vehicle. You can buy the bike camper fully assembled, or build it yourself under supervision in a self-assembly course.

Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750 and Cube Trike Cargo Hybrid 750: All about the new Cube Cargobike

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What happens when a two-wheeler manufacturer and a manufacturer of four-wheeled vehicles team up? The result is a vehicle with three wheels. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Cube Cargobike, created in collaboration with BMW. There are two models: the Cube Trike Family Hybrid 750 and the Cube Trike Cargo Hybrid 750. Curtain up …

The Sprick Comfortable: The German answer to Sweden’s ITERA by design professor Odo Klose

Sprick comfortable

If you look at today’s product range of large bicycle manufacturers, there is no way around carbon frames, some of which rely on futuristic shapes. In the early 1980s, this approach was not as successful as it is today. The German Odo Klose from Wuppertal nevertheless tried it at that time and designed the legendary Sprick Comfortable.

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